A holiday to Africa that delivers

on every count

A holiday to Africa that delivers. On every Count.

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We know Africa like the back of our hand

From the misty forests of Rwanda to the rushing rapids of the Zambezi, no-one knows Africa like we do.

Your African Holiday questions answered 

Want to know which lodge guarantees private vehicles for every guest? Which comes with a kosher kitchen? Or which clubs the coolest kids call home?


Just ask.


Because we specialise in listening, finding out what really makes you tick and using our knowledge to come up with a holiday that delivers on every count – and maybe throws in a few surprises, too.


How to outsmart the crowds

Say you’re going to Cape Town. You probably want to visit Boulders Beach to see the penguins, but could do without the crowds. Well, rather than jostling with the throng to catch a glimpse how does sea kayaking with the penguins sound instead? Or embarking on a penguin walk with a local researcher? We know the best ways to get up close at even the most popular tourist hotspots.


How to go bigger with your bucket list

Gorilla tracking is on most people’s bucket lists, and that hour spent with the gorillas can last a lifetime. But if one hour’s just not enough, we can arrange for you to join researchers on a gorilla habituation project where you spend up to four unforgettable hours.


Why not take a culinary class or go food foraging?

Breathe in the heady aromas of a cooking lesson deep in the bush. Forage for food amid the hustle and bustle of Cape Town. Tuck in to a gourmet picnic on a day out. Or embark on a wine safari by horseback. Food and drink can make or break a holiday, that’s why we work hard to secure tables at top restaurants and off-the-beaten-track gems.


Set your pulse racing

We do adrenalin, and then some. So if you’re going to take a surf lesson, make it with a South African surf champion. Don’t just hike Table Mountain, take a yoga class at the summit and then abseil down. If you’re feeling adventurous we can make it happen, whether you’re mountain biking or dune driving on a fat bike or in a state-of-the-art Land Rover.


Do your bit for the planet

There are countless conservation projects we can help you get involved with. You could participate in the protection of rare birds in the Seychelles; go behind the scenes of elephant conservation in the Kruger area; meet with researchers from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation in Namibia, or help out with rhino darting – which plays a huge part in the war against poaching.


Take the perfect photo

Safari offers fabulous photo opportunities (and of course we know which lodges have photographic guides and adapted vehicles). But in the Kruger, we can also arrange for a photographer to host you at a lodge of your choice. Don’t have the equipment? Not a problem. We can help you hire it locally. We can even arrange for a photo shoot in the bush.


Arrive in comfort and style

Ah, the high life. Say the word and we’ll book you an executive jet for the ultimate in A-list travel.

Want to avoid dead time waiting in airports? We’re experts in finding the best ways to get around. Because sometimes it makes sense to book a private flight, avoid the main airports and fly when it suits you –rather than sticking rigidly to an airline’s schedule.


African adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to stick to the highlights or prefer to shake things up, we’d love to speak to you.

Whatever your question, we have the answer.

(And if we don’t, we’ll move heaven and earth to find it.)


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