It's a Family Affair

Africa is the kind of destination that brings families together.

It’s a family affair

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Africa is the kind of destination that brings families together. And with a little careful planning you can find a destination and activities that will please everyone – from octogenarians to toddlers and tricky teenagers.

We’ve taken our own families on many adventures in Africa, so we definitely understand the unique considerations of travelling with the pack.

Travelling with Young Children

Our top tip? Hire a private vehicle, especially if you have young children. It really reduces the worry and stress (and means if they get tired or have a tantrum, you don’t have to worry about other passengers). A private vehicle really does put you in the driving seat – meaning you can tailor your drive solely to your interests.

Take the Whole Family on Safari

For the multi-generational family who want to stay together, there are a range of safari and beach houses available for exclusive use. These work particularly well if you’re tying your travels to a family event such as a birthday or anniversary – you can party in complete privacy. Not all families travel en masse, though. So if it’s just you and the kids, there are plenty of lodges and camps with two-bedroom family tents where you’ll all sleep soundly knowing that the little ones are close by.

Activities for all ages

It’s important to be aware that there are often age restrictions for activities, so you’ll need to double check the rules before you travel. If your children are very young we can recommend camps with Junior Ranger programmes, where they’ll have a blast on mini game drives. And if you’re travelling with teenagers, let the rangers work their magic. They have so much experience with young people of all ages – if they can’t lure them away from their iPhones, no-one can.

Where families can stay together

For families looking to play together we’d suggest Leobo, in South Africa. It’s an incredible lodge in a private reserve north of Johannesburg where guests can quad bike, horse ride, take a helicopter ride and spend a night in a treehouse.

Kenya is a particularly family friendly destination, with amazing opportunities and world-class facilities throughout the country. At just under nine hours from the UK, it’s like the beaches of the Caribbean or the Middle East in terms of accessibility. But unlike any other destination, it offers soul changing experiences, and no jetlag to slow down even the smallest traveller.

Sirai Beach is a palatial, five/six bedroom Moorish-style private villa overlooking the Indian Ocean. Despite the name, there’s no real beach to speak of (though steps lead down to a private cove). But with a 25m infinity pool, gym, spa, breath-taking views and a well-stocked wine cellar, we don’t think the beach will be missed. (If you’re looking for something smaller, have a look at the four bedroomed villas at Alfajiri, just south of Mombasa).

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