Our Top 5 Adventure Activities

How to get your pulses racing

Our Top 5 Adventure Activities

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Adrenaline junkies listen here… Where has the highest bungee jump in the world? Some of the best white water rafting in the world? Where can you step off a 1000m high cliff? Interested, then read on. Africa is big, it has its endless plains of animals, we love them all, but dig a bit deeper and there are more thrills than you could cope with! Here are five we feel will get that adrenaline pumping.

Many an action packed movie has that scene: a boat approaches the top of a waterfall, the passengers look panic stricken as they realise their fate. So do you fancy jumping into a pool situated on the edge of one of the world’s largest waterfalls? You can do just that in Zambia. Devils Pool is located at the top of the falls, and guides will take you to the pool, where you can jump in, lean over the edge and look down into the 100m drop with water rushing past you. 

Victoria Falls also has many other adrenaline-rush activities on offer. The world famous bungee jump from the bridge that adjoins Zimbabwe and Zambia is said by some to be the best in the world – at 111m it is not the highest (that prize goes to the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa), but it will certainly raise your heartbeat! Micro-lighting over the Falls or zip wiring across the gorges also give a thrill, but the oldest and most exhilarating ride is the amazing white water rafting below the Falls, regarded as the best days’ white water rafting in the world. 

So back to that cliff we mentioned earlier, we are actually talking about Table Mountain, which stands at an impressive height of 1000m above sea level. Most people will use the cable car to descend; some people who have less regard for their knees will even walk down Platteklip Gorge! But for those looking for a thrill and some mighty fine views then there is also the option to step off the top and abseil down, truly exhilarating.

A safari by vehicle is great, it’s safe, you are protected by the vehicle, the animals don’t realise you are there as they regard the vehicle and its passengers as one solid block. So for a real safari thrill, take a walk through game areas and find some sightings that will really set the pulse racing. You walk with your guide and a tracker, they are armed and off you head in to the bush, looking at tracks and seeing what has passed along the sandy paths before you. There are no words to describe the thrill of seeing a lion or elephant whilst on foot, you are very much in their territory, feeling vulnerable and humble. The guides have passed rigorous exams to be able to walk, they know what to do, how to keep you safe, how to respect the animals and the environment, and when you retreat and head back to a safe distance, the rush of excitement is amazing.

Last but not least, words can’t describe the adrenaline rush you get when you look into the eyes of a Silverback gorilla: look on in true amazement as these gentle giants rise from their slumber, their size and their strength simply takes your breath away. But that is nothing compared to the thrill when it decides it wants to head in your direction along the same path upon which you stand and you have no choice but to stand there, they can stop, take a good look at you, give you a sniff, perhaps even tap you on the leg, realise you are of no real interest and then move on, leaving you a crumbling mess of adrenaline and emotion! Truly amazing. 

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