Masai Mara



This is it. The pinnacle of African adventures. The ultimate bucket-list item. The spectacular sight of millions of wildebeest stampeding from the Serengeti is every bit as incredible as you imagined.

But there’s more to the Mara than migration. From July to October the plains are dotted with countless wildebeest. But outside of migration lots of different animals take their place. You’ll see more elephants at this time and there’s always a healthy population of resident wildlife. It really is a stunning place to visit at any time of the year.

We usually recommend lodges in the quieter private concessions surrounding the reserve where you can go on night drives and enjoy the perks of not being in a national park. In our opinion, the lodges in the Mara Triangle are the best placed for river crossings and year-round game viewing.

Places to stay

  • Mara Bushtops

    Masai Mara

    Mara Bushtops takes camping to a whole new level. The location is positively Eden-like: a remote, 15,000-acre conservancy bordering the...

  • Angama Mara

    Masai Mara

    It's not often we're lost for words, but it's not often a camp like Angama Mara comes up.  We don't have...

  • Ishara

    Masai Mara

    Blending into its surroundings, Ishara in the Masai Mara has been designed thoughtfully to minimise the impact on the habitat...

  • Cottar's 1920s Camp

    Masai Mara

    Immerse yourself in the golden age of safari at Cottar's 1920s Camp. It's a marvellous mix of cream canvas tents, antique...

  • Mara Nyika

    Masai Mara

    This intimate camp is the latest offering from Great Plains, leaders in the world of safari and conservation. There’s something...

  • Governors' Camps

    Masai Mara

    If you know your safaris, you’ll be very happy at any of the Governors’ Camps. The tents are dotted along the...

  • Mara Plains

    Masai Mara

    What’s it to be: forest, plain or bush? The tents here come with different views – and each one’s perfect...

  • Mahali Mzuri

    Masai Mara

    Most camps try to make their accommodation blend into the backdrop. Not Mahali Mzuri: their tents are loud and proud. They...

  • Sanctuary Olonana

    Masai Mara

    We think Sanctuary Olonana works whatever time of year you visit. That’s because it’s in a private concession that borders...

  • andBeyond Bateleur Camp

    Masai Mara

    Ah, the golden age of safari: you can sense it the second you arrive at andBeyond Bateleur Camp. The look is...

  • Serian Camp and Ngare Serian

    Masai Mara

    When you realise that ‘serian’ is the Maa word for ‘serene, calm or tranquil’, you get an instant understanding of...


We recommend flying into Nairobi, a transfer to Wilson airport then a light aircraft flight to the local airstrip for your camp or lodge.


The Mara has a pleasant climate and good game year round. January to March are warm and dry, with the rain coming in April & May. July to September is prime time for game viewing – the wildebeest arrive in their tens of thousands, the bush is less dense and sightings are spectacular. From October onwards, the wildebeest retreat, elephants and lions take centre stage again and it’s a great time for spotting newborns.


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