Mahali Mzuri

Masai Mara


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Most camps try to make their accommodation blend into the backdrop. Not Mahali Mzuri: their tents are loud and proud.

They sit within the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, home to one of the highest lion populations in the world. It’s a private concession, so lots of the rules you find in national parks don’t apply. You can go on night drives and you can get out of your vehicle and walk, if the fancy takes you. 

It’s a Sir Richard Branson property. And, who knows? Perhaps you’ll see him there. He often says Kenya’s his favourite country in the world. 

The bush BBQ was beautifully presented and in the most perfect spot - and to discover as we were leaving that a pair of lions had been just on the other side of the rock brought the evening to a thrilling end.
Suzanne Walford - Knighton Reeve

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  • Daily game drives
  • Visits to local markets
  • Community tours

Masai Mara

This is it. The pinnacle of African adventures. The ultimate bucket-list item. The spectacular sight of millions of wildebeest stampeding...

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