January 2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Our response

Important Notice  

With the current lockdown, the world of travel and holidays is at a standstill.

Africa's wildlife, wonder and warm welcomes are still there and we'd love to help you experience them, when the time is right to travel.


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August 2020

World Elephant Day

Today is #worldelephantday. Are your social media time lines filled with Elephants? 

It is a day dedicated to helping people learn about the world’s largest land mammals and raising awareness about the importance of protecting them in the wild. Today we are highlighting some of...

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August 2020

Our Campfire Story

This is a tough blog to write but it needs to be said.

Africa really needs some help.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is knowing that by creating African holidays and safaris for clients I...

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August 2020

Phenomenal Women

Celebrating Women's Achievements in the Travel Industry in Africa.

Much has changed for women in Africa in the last 25 years. We have female guides, we have female trackers. We’ve got lodges run entirely by women. We’ve got child care, we’ve got women working...

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July 2020


Join the Africa travel industry in cumulatively cycling 30,000 KM - the equivalent of circumnavigating Africa. Across the world, every one of us is experiencing the impact of COVID-19.

In Africa, the halting of tourism has had a devastating economic impact...

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June 2020

Distance in Africa

At the beginning of the year if we had been told that by the start of July we will have spent over 100 days socially distancing from others, who would have believed it ?

As our lockdown slowly starts to ease and we emerge from...

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March 2020

Make Mum Smile

Chocolates, flowers or a personalised gift are all worthy choices for Mothers Day. Yet time and memories made are some of the most precious gifts of all.Why not make the present about the anticipation of experiences in the future?

Abundant Family Memories 

Many a...

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March 2020

The Greatest Show on Earth

The phenomenon of two million wildebeest and tens of thousands of zebra moving en masse around the Serengeti and the Masai Mara is a spectacle to behold. 

The river crossings are what most people come to see: thousands upon thousands of...

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February 2020

48 Hours in Victoria Falls

More than just a waterfall

To visit Victoria Falls and only see the main event is to miss out. You can easily lose two days – if not more – in this unforgettable area. As the world’s largest waterfall, it’s only right...

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