December 2023

Africa's Must-Sees

Africa's 'Must-Sees'

The experiences, landscapes and wildlife of Africa feature on many 'bucket-lists'. What are our recommended 'must-sees'?

Victoria Falls 

The sheer intensity and volume of water that crashes over the lip of the Falls when the Zambezi is in full flood always takes...

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June 2023

Looking for some sunshine in September - November?

7 reasons why South Africa is great to visit in Springtime

Long summer nights, BBQ’s whenever the weather allows and our yearly obsession with tennis during Wimbledon. There’s plenty to love about summer in the UK.

But, when the children...

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March 2023

Luxury Roving Tented Camp Safaris in Botswana

A Luxury Roving Tented Camp Safari - Mixing Adventure with Luxury

Botswana is the ultimate dream for many safari purists. Beautiful scenery; an abundant diversity of wildlife; and wilderness locations far removed from the crowds. Camps are small, and for the peak...

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February 2023

Best Luxury Places to Stay in Mozambique

Where to stay on a Luxury Travel holiday in Mozambique?

Turquoise seas. White, sandy beaches. Picture perfect views of the Indian Ocean. If you asked any savvy traveller to identify the destination you'd be fairly confident of the answer right? But we think...

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February 2023

Luxury Sleepouts under the stars in Africa

Stargazing in Africa’s clear, unpolluted skies is a remarkable experience. And where better to do it than from your own ‘star bed’.

Unforgettable Stargazing Sleepout Experiences

Star beds come in many shapes and sizes – some are a drive away from the lodge...

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December 2022

What to see, where to go and when in Africa

There's always something happening in Africa. To make sure you don't miss a thing, here's our quick guide to what's going on, when and where.

January to March

Witness the awe-inspiring movement of around two million wildebeest and zebra as they head to the...

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December 2022

Exclusive-use stays for special get-togethers

Africa delivers remote locations and off-grid experiences by the bucket load.

Where to go to get away from it all with family and friends?

Safari, City, Beach or Wilderness? We know some special places...

Perivoli Lagoon House

Set in a unique pristine wilderness in South Africa...

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April 2021

Our Top 5 Sundowner Spots

Hands up if you have bought a fire pit in the last few years? Africa knows a thing or two about eating outside and the hypnotism of a fire and a sunset, a sundowner. 

noun: sundowner; plural noun: sundowners; BRITISH informalan...

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