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Welcome to Kenya. You’re probably familiar with its most famous sights from photographs: vast savannas; the Masai Mara and the people who live on it, with their bright red, shukas and beaded garlands; big cats and rugged mountain ranges.

No doubt, you’ve seen images of the migration, where wildebeest and zebra hotfoot it in droves from July to September. It’s amazing. But don’t forget that there are other times of year when it’s worth visiting, too. In fact, we sometimes prefer visiting the Mara during non-migration months, when there are more elephants and fewer vehicles.

And always remember there’s more to Kenya than this iconic area. There’s Chyulu Hills, with their mind-blowing views of Kilimanjaro. The beautiful Laikipia area, where game reserves and private ranches are opening up huge areas to conservation and uplifting local communities. Then there’s the dry Samburu area, home to the colourful Samburu people and their camels.
Combine your safari with a relaxing few days beside the Kenyan coast. Fly on to Zanzibar or the Seychelles. Visit Nairobi to see the amazing work the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage do there. In short, Kenya is a country of an endless variety, terrains and experiences that stoke our deepest passions for this fascinating continent.

Please note: The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) issues travel advice on destinations, which includes information on passports, visas, health, safety and security. We urge you to visit their website before deciding to travel. 

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People have been falling in love with Kenya for years, way before Meryl Streep and Robert Redford caught on to its charms. It’s the home of safari, national parks, soul-shaping scenery, iconic wildlife and genuinely friendly people.

And there’s more to it than the Masai Mara: travel further afield and you’ll find varied terrains encompassing mountains, valleys, lakes, deserts and forests.

Sleep under the stars. Go camel trekking. Or fly in a 1920’s Wako plane. The possibilities are endless.

  • Mahali Mzuri

    Masai Mara

    Most camps try to make their accommodation blend into the backdrop. Not Mahali Mzuri: their tents are loud and proud. They...

  • Sasaab


    You might have ticked the Big Five off your list. But what about the Samburu Special Five: the Beisa oryx...

  • Ol Donyo Lodge

    Chyulu Hills

    Ol Donyo is one of our favourite lodges in east Africa. It’s in the Chyulu Hills, the range Ernest Hemingway...

  • Sirikoi

    Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

    At Sirikoi, you really get the feeling it’s a light footprint camp – ask to see their Shamba vegetable garden...

  • Segera


    If you’ve ever fancied travelling like royalty, here’s your chance to try. This lavish lodge springs up out of nowhere: barren...

  • Finch Hattons

    Tsavo West

    If you’ve just been on safari, ticked off the Big Five and had your fill of early starts but aren’t...


We recommend flying into Nairobi and routing on to Wilson and Mombasa. Relatively easy flight connections mean you can also combine easily with Tanzania and Zanzibar. Flights are also starting to operate to Livingstone in Zambia so combining with Victoria Falls is not impossible.


Kenya is enjoys good climate all year round.  The long rains are from March to May the grass is long making it somewhat harder to see the game however for a birders point of view this is a great time to visit.


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