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Thrill Seekers

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For some, a stroll along the cliffs opposite Victoria Falls, across bridges with names like Knife-Edge Bridge, might be adventurous enough, especially as in places it seems you can get perilously close to the edge, though the views are quite spectacular. But if you’re a thrill-seeker in search of a real adrenalin buzz, the Falls delivers, in bucket loads.

Take to the air

Whether you choose a scenic flight, a helicopter flip or a microlight flight with just you and the pilot, there is absolutely no denying that the view of the Falls from the air is breath-taking. You really do get a sense of the scale of the falls, how far they stretch and fall, that just isn’t possible on land.

Get wet

At certain times of the year, this can be achieved simply by walking along the cliffs opposite – such a mass of water crashing down over 100 metres raises an awful lot of spray (laugh at fellow tourists in their plastic macs at your peril, you’ll be donning one too!). However, for a truly immersive experience, take a trip to Livingstone Island and the aptly named Devil’s Pool. Here the seriously daring can take a dip in the Zambezi itself and wallow in a rock pool at the very tip of the Falls (seasonal activity on the Zambian side of the Falls, usually available mid August to mid January, depending on water levels).

You may also fancy a spot of white water rafting – there are 23 rapids in total with names like Stairway to Heaven, The Terminator and Oblivion. How many and which ones you’ll raft through depends on the water levels, but as a general rule, August to late December are considered the months with the most exciting rafting.

Free-fall Thrills

For a real adrenalin rush, head to the Zim side where a trio of experiences awaits. I mustered the courage to attempt the Flying Fox (harnessed and attached to a long rope stretching across a gorge, I ran down a platform and launched myself off the edge for a horizontal, stomach churning ‘flight’ across the gorge) and the tandem zip wire (where again, we were masters of our own fate as we inched down the launch platform before leaping off the edge and into the unknown). Both of these were enough to get the heart thumping and pulses racing, but courage failed me at the final hurdle and I opted out of the gorge swing.

There is also the famous bungee jump off the Victoria Falls bridge but that will have to wait for another occasion…

Top tips

  • If you plan to do more than one adrenalin activity, ask us about an adventure pass (available on the Zim side)
  • Make sure your insurance policy covers you for these activities.
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