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Kenya for Families

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Do you know a little one who’d love to adopt a baby elephant and see it snuggle down for the night? Or a warrior in the making who’d like to track like the Maasai? If it’s a yes, then it has to be Kenya.  

It gives kids a chance to run wild in safe surroundings. It’s a wonderful place to visit as a family: lots of Kenyan destinations are at quite a high altitude, so it’s much cooler and fresher than you’d ever expect. And it's also worth noting that the flying time is shorter than a flight to Barbados, with less jet-lag too.

Places like Laikipia and Samburu are ideal: the game viewing is less intense than in the Mara, so you won’t always feel the pressure to be on a game drive. Children can also interact with animals at a younger age. They can ride camels at Sasaab, see turtles on the coast, or even kiss a giraffe in Nairobi (if the fancy takes them). 

Children are welcome in Kenya and the accommodation really reflects this. You’ll find interconnecting rooms, exclusive-use villas where absolutely everything is catered to your needs, staff to keep the kids entertained and private vehicles at most lodges. 

We think Cottar’s 1920s Camp is probably the best family tent we’ve seen in the Mara (the interconnecting family tents at andBeyond Kichwa Tembo come a very close second, though). Be sure to check out Alfajiri’s exclusive beachfront villas, too – we think they’re the best accommodation on the Kenyan coast. 

Unsure where to begin? Here's my suggestion that starts with time in Nairobi to adopt a baby elephant or visit the giraffe sanctuary before flying north to Samburu where the whole family can enjoy camel treks across the arid valleys. Further highlights include the Loisaba Starbeds, where even the children can enjoy the thrill of sleeping under the stars (don't worry, the four poster beds are on wheels and can be wheeled back if the need arises) and a few days in the Masai Mara. 

Guide Price 

From £8720 per adult and £3040 per child including international flights. 

1 night Hemingways Nairobi, 3 nights Sasaab, 2 nights Loisaba Tented Camp, 1 night Loisaba Starbeds and 3 nights Cottar's 1920s Camp 

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